Lee Yahnke, PsyD, LP

No one can tell your story as well as you. You deserve an experienced professional to hear what you have on your mind. Your personal issue is the Lee Yahnke, PsyD, LP, (Licensed Clinical Psychologist) in Fort Collins Coloradomost important topic between you and a therapist. Based on an assessment of your needs, a therapist can help you with emotional stress including sadness, confusion, hurt, grief, and despair.

To ask for help from someone you haven't met can be frightening. You have the right to decide if you can establish a trusting relationship with any particular therapist. There is no judgement. The decision to continue in therapy with someone is entirely yours. You need to feel comfortable.  

Therapists have the skill to guide you through your transitions and help you to decide for yourself the answers about difficulties in your personal life or help you clarify difficulties in personal or professional relationships. Change is both pleasant and unpleasant in our lives, but most of us don't like it. Your therapist will listen without judgement to help you reach your goal.

I am no longer accepting new clients. If you have insurance, call the number on the back of your card to find a therapist who is on your insurance company's provider panel. 

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Five reasons for counseling:

  1. Adult Individual Counseling
    Individual counseling is as varied as the flakes of winter snow. Each individual has a unique story which is heard in an honest and non judgmental way.

  2. Couples Counseling
    Couples counseling is an area full of potential problems especially as each individual comes from a unique background and has developed expectations and a style of communication.

    Work with couples aims to maximize trust and respect in a loving relationship. Where trust or respect is damaged, your therapist will consider whether or not it is repairable and how that can be done.

    Sometimes the goal of couples counseling is not to reunite but to figure out how best to end a relationship so each individual walks away feeling they did all they could to be fair and respectful.

  3. Relationship Counseling
    Relationships between friends, family, or coworkers can become unhealthy for any number of reasons. Your therapist can help you identify what is possible and support you as you make the effort to have better relationships.

  4. Support Through Life Stressors
    Stress is normal to a certain point. When a person’s physical health and emotional stability change in a destructive way, stress becomes a drive that can lead to poor coping skills such as alcohol or misplaced anger which can impact formerly healthy relationships and work responsibilities.

  5. Life Changes with Aging
    Like it or not, we all will age and our lives will be impacted in many ways. We plan, but the future will be decided by many factors over which we have no control. Many times we are left feeling sad, lonely, scared, and sometimes confused. Your therapist will provide a safe place to talk about your feelings and fears and look at what is possible.

Lee Yahnke, PsyD, LP

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